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Free Substance Abuse Programs

free substance abuse programs

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Those who suffer from substance abuse are usually hitting rock bottom before they get help. While some might still have family members left that will help them pay for help, many substance abusers don’t have that luxury. This doesn’t mean they can’t get treatment: there are plenty of ways to find free substance abuse treatment that helps without costing an arm and a leg.

Non-Profit Treatment Centers

The first place a person can look for free substance abuse treatment is any local non-profit group. These non-profit groups can be found all over the country, even in your backyard. Typically, these non-profit groups tend to be the local churches in your area or non-profit groups hosting programs at your local community center. These non-profit groups are funded by public donations and are there for the betterment of their community members, versus some substance abuse programs and facilities that are focused on their bottom line: money. While non-profit groups might not be able to offer on site living, they will be able to offer counseling and other free substance abuse treatment resources to help you start on the road to recovery.

Online Substance Abuse Programs

For those who are dealing with family members or friends who abuse substances or those with children who could one day end up abusing substances, there are many free online substance abuse programs available. These free substance abuse programs include information about prevention, about the effects of substance abuse on the body, and offer resources about the different substance abuse facilities.

Group Substance Abuse Programs

While on the road to recovery, many find that all they really need is a support system. Since substance abusers are often left without a support system, many free substance abuse programs exist to help them. Typically, these free substance abuse programs are group therapy programs where substance abusers sit with other substance abusers and share their experiences. There are many groups available that are free to attend and meet frequently.

Are Free Substance Abuse Programs Helpful?

Free substance abuse treatment is often the best way to go for those who can’t afford to go to a substance abuse center. Not only is the price tag something that any person who suffers from substance abuse can afford but also free substance abuse programs offer a different set of resources than many paying programs can provide. For example, free substance abuse programs will give the person a chance to interact with a wide variety of people who have similar economical and personal backgrounds that suffer from the same types of problems. They will also be able to meet people who suffer from different types of substance abuse issues and will be able to see how regardless of the substance, the outcome is the same.

People who are struggling with substance abuse can’t afford to wait another day to get help. Often, these people are right on the edge of meltdown or are on the edge of a full blown addiction. If you don’t have the money on hand to enroll in a substance abuse program at a facility, don’t assume there’s no help available. Free substance abuse programs are out there and can help you get started on the road to recovery.