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Substance Abuse Programs for Youth

youth substance abuse programs

Substance abuse programs for youth help with development problems and issues that are causing the problem. 

Substance abuse not only covers a wide array of legal and illegal substances but it also covers a wide age group. Unfortunately, this includes youth starting from early childhood up to the teen years. If you’re a parent and you’ve discovered or suspect your child is abusing some kind of substance, there are many substance abuse programs for youth available for all age groups.

Residential Treatment Centers

If you’ve discovered that your child is abusing substances heavily, you may find that you’re unequipped to deal with this issue. You may want to consider sending your child to a residential treatment center, where they would be supervised 24 hours a day and treated. These centers offer special youth treatment programs designed to deal with your child’s substance abuse problem as well as any other issues they may be experiencing due to their natural development.

These facilities often offer individual therapy, group counseling, physical activity, educational support and allow families to come and offer their support. Some youth treatment programs will also offer 12 step programs, depending on the substance being abused. All programs are designed to help children overcome their substance abuse while helping them develop.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Most people tend to think of boarding schools when their child is simply acting out of line; however, many boarding schools now offer youth treatment programs since some of these children who are acting out of line are often suffering from substance abuse. Therapeutic boarding schools offer many of the same treatments as residential treatment centers since they have the children on a full time basis.

Day Treatment Programs

If your child seems to be acting out but they aren’t completely unmanageable, you may want to consider a day treatment program. These youth treatment programs offer many of the same resources that other substance abuse programs for youth offer; however, they don’t require your child to live at the facility. Rather, these programs work with the child’s school as well as with the parents to help the child continue a normal life while integrating substance abuse treatment.

Community Treatment Programs

Some people simply cannot afford to send their child away to get the help they need. That is why many communities have banded together and offer substance abuse programs for youth that are either free or at a very low price. These programs can include substance abuse prevention education, drug free after school activities such as sports, as well as programs with group therapy. While these youth treatment programs don’t offer a facility with 24 hour monitoring, they do provide children a chance to interact with others in their local community. Children can start forming bonds and get engaged in healthier and more stimulating activities.

Children, no matter what their age, must be guided in order to grow up as healthy prosperous adults. If your child is suffering from a substance abuse issue or you want to prevent your child from experimenting with abusive substances, there are many substance abuse programs for youth at any age. Take some time and look around at different substance abuse programs for youth; there are many options available for parents who no longer know what to do and are ready to do what it takes to get their children back on track.