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Faith Based Substance Abuse Programs

faith based substance abuse programs

Faith based substance abuse programs are here to keep you going down a positive path.

Substance abuse is a serious danger and can even be deadly if treatment is not received. For those who have realized that they’re ready to start getting their lives back together, the first thing they’ll have to decide is what type of treatment they would like to get. While there are wholly secular treatment programs, many people find that faith based substance abuse programs help in a way that secular treatment programs don’t. Faith based substance abuse programs provide faith based treatment, which for some can be the difference between temporary versus long term recovery.

Treat Both the Body and the Spirit with Faith Based Treatment

Faith based treatment is very similar to secular based treatment in that many of the same basic services are covered: detox, therapy, and rehabilitation. However, faith based programs do more than simply treat the body; they provide treatment that is centered around faith. While faith based substance abuse programs do not center on one particular faith, they do center on spirituality that is guided by a higher power.

Christian versus Faith Based Treatment

Typically, when a person thinks of faith, they often think of the Christian religion. While this popular religion does offer its own substance abuse programs, it is not the same kind of program as a faith based substance abuse program. A faith based substance abuse program does not work specifically with the teachings of Jesus Christ and God. Instead, a faith based substance abuse program allows those with all types of religious and spiritual backgrounds to work on the road to recovery and integrate their spiritual practices.

What is Involved in Faith Based Substance Abuse Programs?

Faith based treatment substance abuse programs are available and offer many of the same tools and resources that secular based substance abuse programs offer. Faith based treatment can include on site or off site treatment, detox, counseling, medication therapy, and group therapy to name a few. Faith based treatment many include other types of therapy such as herbal or crystal therapies and meditation. Staff involved in faith based programs will work with each individual and help them see how their faith can help them recover, regardless of what particular faith they happen to follow and believe in.

Does faith based treatment work?

Faith based substance abuse programs are just like secular substance abuse programs in that they provide all of the tools and resources for recovery; however, it is up to the person enrolled to decide how much and how long these tools will keep them substance free. Substance abuse programs that include faith based treatment are often found to be more helpful than secular based treatment programs simply because they help a person integrate all aspects of their life instead of focusing on the physical and mental. Faith based substance abuse programs help abusers understand how their faith and spiritual well being is a rock and stronghold to overcoming substance abuse.

Is Faith Based Treatment Right for me?

Those who choose to enroll in faith based treatment often choose this path so they can reconnect with their spiritual and religious identity. Since substance abuse often causes a person to lose touch with everything including their spiritual practices, faith based treatment can assist you in getting back on course.